Going online for a SIBOS press pass was harder than applying for a bank account

The ease of use of mobile services such as mobile banking are making me lazy and perhaps not as focused as I should be when it comes do doing stuff online.

This week is a great example. I went on the SIBOS website to sign up for a press pass for the upcoming SIBOS 2019 in London’s ExCeL.

Probably my fault but I didn’t get very far. Enter password, click on email link, fill in loads of details, “oops only numbers in the telephone number box.” Try again “oops only numbers in the telephone number box.” I could go into more details had if I could remember but it is safe to say it got messy and I ended up having my account, which somehow managed to be set up, locked.

So I went for the tried and tested press office route to sort it out, which did the trick.

But this got me thinking why was it easier to open a current account with a challenger bank than it was to get a press pass for SIBOS online? I did open an account with one of the challengers and I have to say it was very easy through a mobile phone. Similarly opening new accounts on the mobile app of my existing bank is a doddle.

It is all about identity and how much information about yourself you are willing to share in return for easier to use services If an app has all you details and you have approved it, using it becomes easy and secure with the right authentication. It is only when the service doesn’t know you that things become more difficult, with more to do for the user. A digital identity or digital passport will make things easier. I imagine if SIBOS already had all my details it would have been simple.

Anyway the experience made me change my views on Bank branches. I always thought we don’t need them anymore but maybe we do. If an online automated experience doesn’t live up to expectations customers need a fall back option, particularly when it comes to money, and for many that will be the branch.

SIBOS will be held from 23-26 September at ExCel London. Here is the action packed programme which is easy to navigate.

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