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  • Responding to the postal strikes

    David Lacey 16 Oct 2009
  • Just talk to any business owner, whether small, medium or large, and you'll quickly spot a golden opportunity for the security industry. This season's postal strike will generate a tipping point ...

  • Information Security across the World

    David Lacey 13 Oct 2009
  • My postings have been thin over the last few weeks as I've been busy travelling, researching and writing. The highlight was a visit to Switzerland to give presentations to institutes in Zurich and ...

  • Long distance data management

    David Lacey 02 Oct 2009
  • Keen-eyed information management professionals will have been amused last night to spot Andy Hayler, former Shell data management expert and Kalido executive, in his modern role as professional ...

  • A new kind of security

    David Lacey 01 Oct 2009
  • Over the last week, I've attended a security awareness forum and spoken at a cloud computing conference. The major learning point highlighted by both events, was both predictable and significant: ...

  • More solutions please

    David Lacey 21 Sep 2009
  • Last week's IDC IT Security Conference 2009 in London offered free attendance for the first 100 guests, so it's not surprising that there was a full house of security managers. As with many of ...

  • The soft underbelly of big business

    David Lacey 21 Sep 2009
  • This article from the Scotsman newspaper illustrates an inevitable and worrying trend: the targeting of smaller enterprises by professional criminals. Most small and medium enterprises lack the ...

  • The power of social networks

    David Lacey 15 Sep 2009
  • If your boss or your colleagues still don't get the importance of social networks, then it's worth directing them to Erik Qualman's compelling social media revolution YouTube video. Security has to ...

  • Worse case scenarios

    David Lacey 15 Sep 2009
  • Every now and then we have to persuade our executive to think the unthinkable. But too much scaremongering can be counterproductive. You can read a few of my thoughts on the hazards of preparing ...

  • Responding to the Global Security Challenge

    David Lacey 10 Sep 2009
  • Yesterday I was in Brussels, speaking at the Western Europe regional final of the Global Security Challenge. For anyone that takes an interest in new security technologies, this is a must-see ...

  • Single point failures

    David Lacey 02 Sep 2009
  • The recent two hour outage of Google's Gmail, affecting the majority of its 150 million users reflects the growing risks associated with the inevitable drift towards centralised system management. ...

  • Online banking security (or lack of it)

    David Lacey 28 Aug 2009
  • Which? Computing magazine has just published a comparison of the leading UK banks' on-line security measures. The results are quite damning. Many top banks have failed to keep up with simple best ...

  • Painless patching

    David Lacey 26 Aug 2009
  • I also keep an eye out for winners and finalists in the Global Security Challenge, as it often brings to light some original, imaginative technologies. One that caught my attention this year is ...

  • Wales leads the way

    David Lacey 24 Aug 2009
  • Wales is one of the least likely places you'd expect to find leadership in information security. Yet they have managed to assemble a specialist e-Crime prevention web site, complete with ...

  • Combating counterfeiting

    David Lacey 18 Aug 2009
  • Today's UK Daily Telegraph has an interesting article on the history of counterfeiting. Amongst other things, it reminds us that little has changed in security thinking over the last 300 years. No ...

  • Learning from mistakes

    David Lacey 13 Aug 2009
  • Making a mistake once is good for your education. Making it twice means you're not learning fast enough. On Tuesday, Twitter suffered its second denial-of-service attack in a week. Admittedly the ...