Vast Commvault coop on commodiously capacious code containment

Vast Data is a data storage company with a message for data scientists, data-centric developers, DBAs in developer-operations DevOps teams and anyone other software engineers with a penchant for data management and intelligent.

That message is, it does data, in big chunks.

So obviously yeah, Vast Data works with vast data, we get it, the clue is in the name; we have heard so many vendor messages aligned towards the notion of so-called ‘web-scale’ technologies that potentially span the entire length of breadth of the cloud-web backbone, it was perhaps a simple branding decision to make when the firm named itself.

Now partnering with data protection & management player Commvault, Vast is looking to provide a more integrated code-centric data backup toolset.

Integrated how?

Well, capable of delivering software application development data protection tooling aligned to shoring up against threats from multiple vectors including cyber threats, disasters or rogue employees. 

“Combining VAST Data’s all-flash Universal Storage solution with Commvault’s Complete Data Protection platform enables rapid backups and restores for instant recovery at a cost comparable to hard drive economics, while still providing the performance needed to drive data insights and analytics,” said the company, in a press statement. 

Vast says its Universal Storage solution bucks the traditional model of purpose-built backup appliances (PBBA), which deduplicate data across spinning disks and are not designed for fast data recovery. 

Key differentiators of the Commvault now optimised by Vast include an all-flash, scale-out architecture designed to meet stringent recovery time objectives (RTOs) by providing 50x more restore performance.

Data-developer deployment delivery

Vast and Commvault also developed a joint reference architecture to guide developers and data teams through the optimised deployment of the combined solution. 

Through this partnership, Vast insists that Commvault customers will be able to protect ‘any amount of enterprise data’ in a single cloud-scale platform and recover thousands of virtual machines in hours, if and when needed.

Vast also provides data compliance and governance for e-discovery and audits of sensitive data.

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