Sumo Logic fills crack in cloud DevSecOps ring

Describing itself as a machine data analytics company, Sumo Logic is aiming to put a new CAPS C into a technology market already used to Continuous Integration, Testing, Deployment and Delivery.

Sumo Logic’s Continuous is Continuous Intelligence in cloud-native application deployment scenarios.

The company has now scooped up FactorChain, an early stage ‘security threat investigation software’ company.

As a piece of business strategy, Sumo Logic is aiming to create a technology proposition that offers a more converged take on IT ops and security for modern application delivery in the cloud.

Filling the crack

Company CEO Ramin Sayar suggests that there is a crack in the current models governing the adoption of cloud technologies and that, as a result, customers are struggling to adapt traditional security models to cloud applications.

To his mind, this acquisition is a route to solving persistent challenges that exist inside investigation workflows at cloud scale.

Triangulation tribulations

The company says that fundamental challenges associated with understanding application and cloud data with existing tools and skill sets, resolving IT vs. security symptoms and root causes and quickly triangulating across cloud scale data sets to resolve threats are preventing the natural extension of traditional methods to the cloud.

“Further, DevOps models require security to align traditional centralised, backlog approaches to threat investigation to new rapid response, distributed and democratised models. Along with scope of workflow and insight, fundamental breakthroughs are needed in data search, navigation and human-machine collaboration to enable the velocity demanded by these new models,” said the company, in a press statement.

Combining the tools

FactorChain’s investigation platform will now integrate into Sumo Logic’s SaaS Machine Data Analytics Platform, providing retained learning of threat investigation workflows across IT and security.

“Cloud and modern application deployments demand a fundamentally new approach to security threat investigation – workflows must span both the application and infrastructure layers, integrate across both security and IT ops and enable resolution in minutes,” said Dave Frampton, founder and CEO of FactorChain.

Integrated data, analytics and workflow will enable analysts to resolve complex investigations, while quickly identifying infection spread and applying what the company calls ‘accumulated learning’ across IT and security teams.

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