Pluralsight Skills & Flow: product lines now feature GitPrime developer productivity

Technology skills platform company Pluralsight acquired developer productivity specialist GitPrime back in Spring of this year.

It was a move that made logical enough sense.

This was a coming together of skills delivery and productivity platform technologies i.e. two essentially quite comfortable bedfellows if we’re looking at ways to improve coding efficiencies and speed up product development.

GitPrime is connected to every major code repository in use today, including GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab… and others.

This means that GitPrime captures data around virtually every developer code commit that is made on the planet — and so this, in turn, is meant to provide a clear view of the application of developer skills, in real time.

Although this measure of code commits does not necessarily translate to great software (i.e. some committed code may be poorly written, unworkable, riddled with bugs and tough to integrate or further iterate) it does still provide us with a really solid idea of who is using what at the coalface of software application development.

GitPrime also offers analytical insights around the efficiency and performance of software development teams.

But none of the above is new — this is all 2019 background leading up to what Pluralsight has now done with GitPrime in terms of bringing it into its own platform.

Pluralsight Skills & Flow

Pluralsight used its Salt Lake City located Pluralsight Live 2019 conference this month to introduce Pluralsight Skills ” the new name for its core skill development product, which now features the initial integration of GitPrime into it.

Pluralsight has also announced Flow, the new name for GitPrime’s suite of solutions.

“Flow provides software engineering leaders with advanced analytics and a data-driven view into their software development workflow to eliminate bottlenecks, improve engineering collaboration and enable teams and leaders to be more successful,” said the company, in a press statement.

The initial integration of Flow into the Skills product is ‘language analytics’, a data visualisation that connects ‘course view’ time with code commits. This is meant to give software engineering team leaders visibility into how their teams work and so align skills development with development initiatives and goals.

Expanded cloud skills

In 2019, Pluralsight has added more than 300 new courses, 16 Role IQs and what amounts to nearly 50 Skill IQs for the cloud.

Additionally this year, Pluralsight says it has seen a good deal of content growth specifically designed to cover skills on the three largest cloud providers in the world including 182% growth in AWS content, 44% growth in Microsoft Azure content and 136% growth in GCP content.

The company has also made investments into delivering skills offerings for AI and machine learning, data and security.

Pluralsight says it has seen a 74% growth in data content, a 200% growth in AI and machine learning and a 35% growth in security skills.

This expansion of fresh content includes more than 17,400 hours of video, 1,500 new video courses added and the creation of more than 200 skill assessments.

Race to the cloud is based on skills

The general state of the nation here is that, in 2019, we don’t have enough software engineers on the planet, we’re not as far along the line into cloud computing adoption as we could be… and (combining these two factors) we don’t have enough cloud-competent software engineers. Pluralsight is aiming directly at this space and the company has said so, openly.

It’s reasonable enough to suggest that IT managers need to get a better view on what code is actually being created at the coalface and to dovetail this with some insight into what skills developers have, what they are learning… and, what they need to learn next. Which, in many ways, kind of summarises what Pluralsight’s market proposition really comes down to.

The race for cloud isn’t based on server performance, datacenter excellence and hybrid instance networking intelligence… it’s all down to people and skills after all, who’da thunk it?

< class="wp-caption-text">Pluralsight staff presenting at the company’s Live 2019 conference in Salt Lake City.


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