Is AIOps on the up and up?

Business process services company Wipro and technology consulting firm Moogsoft has snuggled up in bed, by which of course we mean formed a partnership.

Moogsoft’s developer credentials stem from its work in Artificial Intelligence for IT operations (AIOps).

AIOps itself we can define as the  umbrella term for the use of big data analytics and various forms of AI to automate the identification and resolution of common software code management and data workflow issues that will typically crop up during the deployment and execution of applications.

As defined here by TechTarget, “The systems, services and applications in a large enterprise produce immense volumes of log and performance data. AIOps uses this data to monitor assets and gain visibility into dependencies without and outside of IT systems.”

Back to the partnership, Wipro is using Moogsoft’s AIOps know-how… so is that it?

There’s a little more meat here: Wipro Holmes is the company’s AI and automation platform — by working together, the firms say they can improve the business availability of IT through unified alert management, root cause analysis, proactive anomaly detection and predictive capabilities.

Partnership backslapping

Kiran Desai, senior vice president and global head, cloud and infrastructure services at Wipro Limited said that Moogsoft is lovely and mentioned the importance of a situation-aware incident management approach in modern application management scenarios. 

Phil Tee, CEO and founder of Moogsoft agreed that Wipro is lovely too and mentioned the need for continuous service assurance for modern apps. 

Developer takeaway…

Proactive anomaly detection across complex interlocked application dependencies (some of which may now be even more intricate as a result of the use of microservices and the fabric of Application Programming Interfaces that connects them) may not be the first consideration that developers think of when planning architecturally… the AIOps market could well be on the up and up.

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