Infor tunes into (and visualises) high-fidelity self-orchestrated data

Infor builds business cloud software, this much we know.

But this is software that is ‘specialised by industry’… a term used to convey its custom-aligned tuning to specific industry use cases with a specific application towards the digital supply chain networks.

The firm this month rebranded its GT Nexus supply chain network as, more simply, Infor Nexus.

A move, perhaps, which suggests that Infor is looking to play up its wider data intelligence capabilities and make supply chains execute in a way that is more customer-centric.

Infor Nexus combines the firm’s GT Nexus, IoT and Coleman AI products into one bright and shiny package that is supposed to help firms create an autonomous supply chain.

Key features include the fact that Infor Nexus combines AI, IoT and advanced visualisation through an end-to-end collaborative network.

What is advanced visualisation?

Infor (above) talks about so-called ‘advanced visualisation’ on the road to being able to provide real-time visibility and predictive intelligence… but what is advanced about  advanced visualisation?

As detailed nicely here on Dataversity, “Advanced data visualization refers to a sophisticated technique, typically beyond that of traditional Business Intelligence, that uses the autonomous or semi-autonomous examination of data or content to discover deeper insights, make predictions, or generate recommendations. Advanced data visualization displays data through interactive data visualization, multiple dimension views, animation and auto focus.”

Infor explains that its Nexus software connects companies’ enterprise systems, network partners and IoT devices in a single-instance, multi-enterprise business network platform.

“The new Infor Nexus brand culminates the past three years we’ve spent transforming GT Nexus – leveraging digital technologies such as IoT, in-memory processing, mobile, advanced visualisation and AI,” said Rod Johnson, EVP of manufacturing & supply chain at Infor. “Today, we’re delivering a next-generation supply chain network that is real-time, intelligent and self-orchestrating. Our customers are empowered to optimise service levels, costs and inventory through a digital environment that is hyperconnected and data-driven, with a path to the autonomous supply chain.”

The Infor Nexus re-brand comes on the heels of the recent launch of Infor Control Center, which aims to provide a high-fidelity picture of global supply chain flows.

The company insists that its Coleman AI function enables customers to predict potential issues, identify opportunities to act, and place their focus on situations projected to have the greatest impact on business.

So you thought data just had to be worried about its Velocity, Volume, Value, Variety and Veracity… now we need high-fidelity self-orchestrated AI-enriched advanced visualisation data… at least that’s the card Infor is playing here.



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