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  • About the blog

    Michael Tidmarsh - Community Member 15 Apr 2016
  • A look at the latest trends in IT security from the experts at Bloor Security.

  • Blended security threats require a unified response

    Fran Howarth 28 May 2013
  • The new mantra today is that it is not if your organisation will suffer a security breach, but when. In a recent survey released during Infosec Europe 2013, 93% of large organisations reported that ...

  • The value of big data in security

    Fran Howarth 21 Dec 2012
  • One of today's buzzwords is big data. Volumes of information generated are increasing rapidly, driven in part by increased take up of mobile technologies and the growing number and range of ...

  • Advanced threats require advanced weapons

    Fran Howarth 29 Nov 2012
  • The threats we face today are no longer smash-and-grab raids, looking for instant gain. Rather, perpetrators are looking to get a deep foothold into the network. They use subterfuge to trick their ...

  • Security proving to be a fruitful area for investment

    Fran Howarth 22 Oct 2012
  • The technology landscape is changing fast, bringing much disruptive change that provides organisations with new ways to streamline their businesses, reach out to customers more effectively and keep ...

  • How telcos can grow their business and manage risk

    Fran Howarth 17 Oct 2012
  • Among the many challenges that telecommunications providers face are the need to transform and consolidate their businesses. They need to adopt new business models that allow them to move away from ...

  • Trust as the foundation of security

    Fran Howarth 13 Sep 2012
  • Trust is essential for building a sustainable business. Security is essential for building trust. To build trust in electronic networks, security needs to be built into a suitable framework, rather ...

  • IPv6: where are we now?

    Fran Howarth 23 Jul 2012
  • According to the US government, "the strength and vitality of our economy, infrastructure, public safety and national security have been built on the foundation of cyberspace." The McKinsey Global ...

  • Take a more holistic view of email security

    Fran Howarth 23 Apr 2012
  • Emails are essential business communications and collaboration tools and the vast majority of business information is, at some point of its lifecycle, communicated via emails and their attachments. ...

  • Taking the offensive on endpoint security

    Fran Howarth 27 Feb 2012
  • Buzz phrases of the day include consumerisation of IT and BYOD--bring your own device. The former phrase refers to the use of increasingly powerful and feature-rich devices, be they PCs, ...