An introduction to the Microsoft Business Store


In the Business Store, you can see who has installed an application and reclaim licenses

Source:  Microsoft

The Business Store is a substantial advance over the Windows 8 Store, enabling organisations to take advantage of the security and manageability built into the platform. Integration with System Center and other management tools is another advantage. The modern design of the Windows Runtime platform means a smoother experience for both users and administrators than is possible with classic Windows applications. That said, the Business Store is for Windows 10 only, making it difficult for organisations that have a variety of Windows versions in use. Another snag is that full advantage depends on rolling out Windows 10 Mobile (currently in preview) rather than Android, iOS or Blackberry devices – and this might just not be realistic, given the weak support for Microsoft’s smartphone in other areas. Furthermore, the lack of support for desktop applications – other than via Project Centennial packaging – limits the value of the Business Store.

Microsoft’s vision for the future of enterprise Windows is strong though, and the Business Store is an essential piece as it strives to build adoption for its Universal App platform. 

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