Windows 11: A first look


Windows 11: Refinements

Source:  Simon Bisson

Much of Windows 11 is more of the same process: refining and redesigning the familiar, making it more consistent and coherent. The new desktop look and feel is part of this, with a redesigned Explorer and an improved Settings app.

Perhaps the biggest makeover is to the Windows Store. Microsoft has thrown away its limitations, and now anyone can offer any app through the store. It does not have to be packaged as appx or MSIX. App developers can use the old familiar MSI or any EXE-based installer.

There is even support for Java packages and web-based apps in Electron or bundled as PWAs. Perhaps most important is that software developers can even bring their own payment engine, which enables them to keep all their revenue without giving Microsoft  a 15% commission. This is the reason why big subscription applications like Adobe’s Creative Cloud and Acrobat DC are already in the revamped store. It’s likely many more applications will be available in the Windows Store before launch.

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