Preview of The National Museum of Computing’s virtual tour


TNMOC: Commodore releases a cracker of a gaming computer

Source:  TNMOC

TNMOC’s 3D virtual tour is provided by Venue Virtual, a UK firm, which specialises in virtual tour experiences. The virtual exhibition tour includes room-sized mainframes that became the first systems to be widely adopted by companies around the world, mini computers down to home systems and handheld devices. The museum’s display includes innovative and pioneering designs from companies like Sinclair, Amstrad and Acorn and their 1970s and 80s US rivals like Apple and Commodore. The image here is of a Commodore 64, a hugely successful rival to Atari games consoles, that was also a proper home computer.

Computer Weekly is keen to hear from our readers about their first experiences of computing. Was it a Tandy TRS-80, a BBC Model B, a Commodore Pet, a, a  PDP-11, a  System/390, or something else? Please email [email protected] with the subject line my first computer and tell us a bit about what it was and what you used it for.

From August 19, 2020, people will be able to experience the TNMOC's virtual exhibition and interactive, guided tour.

More info on the virtual tour can be found here >>

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