Preview of The National Museum of Computing’s virtual tour


TNMOC: Amstrad makes an affordable PC

Source:  TNMOC

Discussing the new virtual tour and virtual exhibition of old computers at the The National Museum of Computing, TNMOC chairman, Andrew Herbert said: “The coronavirus pandemic and the necessary restrictions are making us think in new ways about displaying our story of computing to the public. The 3D virtual and live curated tours are helping us stay connected and also to break through to reach new audiences, which is especially important during this pandemic.” This is a picture of an Amstrad 1520. At the time of its introduction, PCs were relatively expensive business machines. Amstrad made it possible for more people to join the PC revolution.

Computer Weekly is keen to hear from our readers about their first experiences of computing. Was it a Tandy TRS-80, a BBC Model B, a Commodore Pet, a, a  PDP-11, a  System/390, or something else? Please email [email protected] with subject line my first computer and tell us a bit about what it was and what you used it for.

From August 19, 2020, people will be able to experience the TNMOC's virtual exhibition and interactive, guided tour.

More info on the virtual tour can be found here >>

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