A month with the Google Pixelbook


A month with the Google Pixelbook: Premium design

Source:  Cliff Saran

There is no denying the Pixelbook has an extremely attractive design. It looks good on a desk and has two USB-C ports and  a 3.5 mm headphone socket, which means it can be connected to a USB-C docking station. The screen is a touchscreen, which makes selecting items on the user interface, much easier than using a mouse or touchpad. 

Computer Weekly can report that the Pixelbook also works reasonably well on a daily  commute. It just fits on the tiny fold down table on Thameslink trains, which means typing will be a bit tight, but not unusable. It also seems to balance quite well on your lap. The Google Pixelbook can also be folded on itself, so it can be operated in “tablet mode” or used in “tent mode”, which works quite well when watching Netflix. But as others have said, it is heavier than a tablet so you would not want to hold it in tablet mode for too long.

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