IT priorities 2015: How will IT decision makers spend this year's budget?


IT Priorities 2015: big data analytics gains ground in Europe

Across Europe, 26% of respondents in the  annual TechTarget/Computer Weekly IT Spending Priorities survey for 2015 indicated they would deploy business intelligence and data warehousing, compared with 31% in 2014.

However, 12% of respondents indicated engagement with more recent database technologies, such as NoSQL, columnar and in-memory, compared with 7% in 2014. There were 590 European respondents overall, with 111 of those from the UK.

The Eurozone’s two biggest economies, Germany and France, are slightly ahead of the UK in data management intentions, apart from the fact that only 5% of German respondents say there are deploying advanced database technologies. However, 18% of German respondents are doing big data analytics, and 15% are doing big data management. The figures for France are 13% for analytics and 15% for big data management. 

The French also showed the strongest interest in advanced database technologies (14%). Meanwhile, 11% of UK respondents said they intended to undertake advanced database technology projects – 10% will do big data analytics and 8% big data management on the back end.

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