IT priorities 2015: How will IT decision makers spend this year's budget?


SDN held back by lack of understanding

Source:  TechTarget

While software defined networking (SDN) is all the rage among networking suppliers, globally it figured low down on the list of networking priorities for 2015, mostly due to a lack of understanding over the capabilities of the technology – which promises to revolutionise the way networks are provisioned and run – and a scant number of customer references to fall back on. Just 15% of respondents said they were considering implementing SDN this year, and in the UK this fell to just 2%.

The main spending priority for network managers in 2015 turned out to be around infrastructure monitoring and management, cited by 44% of respondents. The growth of employee-owned mobile devices, and the increasing volumes of data transiting the network day-to-day were clearly behind this trend.

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