VM backup down as a priority while disaster recovery still tops to-do lists


Mobility top priority, but mobile backup absent

Number one priority for UK IT organisations is mobility (see slide 2). It is top of the IT to-do list for 42% of those questioned and reflects the tide of mobile, smartphone, tablet and laptop hardware sweeping into organisations as well as the rise of app-driven methods of delivery. But mobile backup is absent as a priority. Top mobility project in 2015 is Master data management (MDM), which is number one on the to-do list for 73% of respondents. MDM goes some way to satisfying the needs of data protection, but it is no substitute for mobile backup. MDM leaves gaps, for example with unstructured data that is not subject to master data harmonisation. Emails, PDFs, Word documents etc are often the subject of legal and regulatory constraints on their retention, and can easily remain unprotected on a single remote device. Is it a bring-your-own-disaster waiting to happen?

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