Inside Kashiwa-no-ha: Hitachi Smart City near Tokyo


Ravi Chalaka of HDS gets a health check

Ravi Chalaka, vice president of solutions marketing at HDS, gets a health check during his visit to Kashiwa-no-ha a Hitachi Smart City just outside of Tokyo.

A volunteer who works in the free health centre demonstrates how a resident of the city can visit for a weight, fat content, salt level, water level check, among many other services.

For older patients that may have trouble with eating to increase fat content, their food is cooked in such a way that it will melt on the tongue.

Kashiwa-no-ha Smart City is a collaboration between government agencies, universities, research institutions, Mitsui Fudosan and Hitachi.

Located just outside of Tokyo, the city aims to provide an environmental-symbiotic city, a city of health and longevity, and a city of new industry creation.

Hitachi provides area energy-management solutions that operate, monitor, and control energy across the city.

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