A peek into Intel’s Internet of Things lab in Swindon


Traffic sensor simulators to detect congestion and pollution

Source:  Archana Venkatraman

In the lab, Intel demonstrated an API Management Platform (AMP), which can simulate air-quality monitoring in a town. Data collected through gateways can be analysed in real-time, allowing towns to display up-to-date information on air quality to the public.

“Swindon does not have any air-quality monitoring sensors,” said Mark Green, Intel’s technical engineer. “So, in this lab, we have simulated the monitoring sensors that check the air quality and pollution in the region in real time. 

"The local authority can use the findings from these systems to crank up congestion charges in areas they want to deter people from entering or to control pollution level. That’s the kind of smart transport use case that IoT is beneficial for.” Green said.

The technology that powers this traffic and congestion data analytics is Moon Island -- Intel's Gateway Solutions that powers IoT infrastructures.

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