Review of ITinvolve for Knowledge Management


Review Summary

Knowledge Management (in the ITSM context) doesn’t really have a specific product sector.

This tends to be an application of one or more product areas to support the process of knowledge creation and knowledge sharing eg a useful knowledge management solution could easily be SharePoint, or an intranet portal.

ITSM value in this area comes from integration with regular ITIL processes like Incident, Problem, Change, SLM and Configuration, plus automation and self-help delivered via customer-friendly portals.

This product is an innovative and interesting option for those wanting to really develop their service management using knowledge in an intuitive and new way, based on ‘social’ interaction. The concepts are good and well thought through, and this is an excellent use of innovation, albeit that the system may look initially complex, without some explanation of the approach.

The ITSM Review awarded ITinvolve Best-in-Class for leveraging market trends in social and online collaboration to deliver a new innovative approach to knowledge management.

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