Big trends from Oracle OpenWorld 2013: Big data and cloud


CEO Larry Ellison launches in-memory database search

Source:  Oracle

On the Sunday evening, CEO Larry Ellison kicked off the OpenWorld proceedings by announcing that the company was launching an in-memory version of its database promising 100-times faster queries.

Ellison said customers would witness “ungodly speeds” which would allow them to access “real-time analytics and instantaneous results” from their databases.

Ellison said that, while the in-memory format option will improve database search queries a hundred-fold,  the rate of transaction processing will double.

The company has removed database indexing to speed up processing, as processing queries in-memory reduces the need for indexing data.

Ellison said every application that runs on a 12C database can exploit the in-memory option and the transition would be seamless.

“All of this technology is cloud ready and ideal for the cloud,” he added.

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