Software Gallery opens at the National Museum of Computing


Software Gallery takes a tour of the history of software

Source:  TNMOC

The new Software Gallery has four areas, which provides information such as:

  • A timeline of the history and development of leading programming languages
  • An "exploded" PC showing its internal components
  • A robotics display
  • A computer language database, containing 2000 entries to which visitors can add
  • An early, single-purpose accounting software machine, the Burroughs L5000
  • A display demonstrating the pervasiveness of software in the home
  • A special programming challenge for visitors, and other hands-on exhibits

Matt Crotty, chairman of, the Gallery sponsors, and also a TNMOC trustee, said: "The new Software Gallery tackles a very wide-ranging and difficult subject area with creativity and flair. We are delighted with the result and very pleased that so many of our customers have been eager to come to see it."

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