Two approaches to WAN optimisation


Voipex ViBE performance over two bandwidth bonded links

The channel-bonding capabilities of Voipex ViBE supports multiple redundancy formats. This means it can bond across multiple different services. On a per link basis, even when bonded we can see stats on a per direction basis so, for example, we can kill a link and monitor constantly for changes.

This is all fully configurable with thresholds deployed at whatever level you require. A key benefit is that it can use all available bandwidth for all links, no matter what their individual capacities. The graph above shows throughput for a single 400kbps link, which then has an additional 1Mbps link added to it. We can see from this that ViBE is able to utilise all of the bandwidth even for a single IP stream. You can also see that it uses the links to reduce the RTT for real time traffic.

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