Two approaches to WAN optimisation


Features of Voipex

Source:  Voipex

ViBE from Voipex is network agnostic, so applies equally to satellite and mobile data networks, for example, as it does classic xDSL and leased-line connections.

Real-time connection monitoring capabilities such as ViBE's "EsP" functionality, mean that - regardless of the "real" bandwidth actually available at any one time, a connection is always optimised with real-time QoS applied on an ongoing basis.

This is significant on public networks where over-subscription rules and therefore ongoing contention means that you don't really know how much bandwidth you actually have available at any one time.

Redundancy is a key element of ViBE. With its "Rain" mode enabled we were able to show zero packet loss and improved delivery. We experienced no failover problems.

Enabling Rain Mode involves one line of configuration. ViBE will then automatically duplicate packets down each link, resulting in zero failover and zero packet loss, the cost obviously being the bandwidth of one link.

Rain Mode can also be run on a single link. Running duplicate packets on a single link means that random packet loss is improved. So while, in real terms we might see 2-3% packet loss, Rain mode cuts this to zero. The result is that random packet loss is improved. However, there is a trade-off, in that bandwidth is halved.

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