Network security management

  • February 20, 2019 20 Feb'19

    MWC 2019: Huawei claims massive lead on 5G readiness

    At a pre-Mobile World Congress event in London, Huawei’s Ryan Ding shared details of the firm’s rapidly expanding 5G mobile portfolio, and laid into his competitors

  • February 20, 2019 20 Feb'19

    UK naïve to think China won’t try to exploit Huawei

    A think-tank report has branded the UK government naïve at best, irresponsible at worst, over its use of Chinese networking equipment in critical national infrastructure

  • February 19, 2019 19 Feb'19

    Huawei’s Ren Zhengfei: US won’t crush us

    Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei has taken a more combative stance in the ongoing row over the firm’s alleged links to the Chinese intelligence services

  • February 18, 2019 18 Feb'19

    NCSC signals UK may take softer line on Huawei

    The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre suggests Huawei will be allowed to form core elements of the country’s 5G mobile network infrastructure after all

  • February 07, 2019 07 Feb'19

    Data breaches in Australia show no sign of abating

    Australia’s privacy watchdog recorded over 800 cases of data breaches, nearly one year into the country’s mandatory data breach notification regime

  • February 06, 2019 06 Feb'19

    Huawei: We are not spying on the UK

    Huawei’s Ryan Ding tells the British government that the company has never, and will never, use its technology to assist the Chinese intelligence services