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Giken Mobility saddles up with Telenor IoT to enhance electric motorcycle connectivity

Fast-growing player in Southeast Asia’s electric mobility sector deploys managed IoT connectivity solutions as part of mission to offer more features on the Iso UNO-X electric motorcycle

The electric vehicle (EVs) industry has made great strides over the past five years or so, with the market dominated by brands such as Tesla and the leaders in traditional car manufacturing, but we also now see EVs rapidly gaining interest in the motorcycle sector.

Giken Mobility has announced a partnership with connectivity solutions provider Telenor IoT for the production of the Iso UNO-X electric motorcycle.

Established in 1939 as Isothermos, Iso is rooted in Italy’s post-war industrial history. Initially focused on mopeds, motorcycles, and light four-wheeled vehicles, the brand achieved a pivotal moment in 1949 with the launch of the Isomoto, which would become Iso’s flagship motorcycle.

The Iso brand is being rejuvenated by Giken Mobility on a global scale, re-emerging with what the manufacturer said is a bold vision for the future of electric mobility. Based on an Iso centre mount BLDC 11 horsepower motor, the all-electric motorcycle UNO-X has a maximum range of 130 km and a top speed of over 110 km/h. The UNO-X comes with “a state-of-the-art” Li-NMC cells battery pack, with an in-house developed management system designed at adapting itself to riding conditions to ensure optimal safety and performance.

Giken Mobility is a subsidiary of SGX-listed GSS Energy which specialises in precision engineering and holds the license for Iso Motorcycles. The collaboration has the strategic aim of improving the landscape of electric motorcycle connectivity, enhancing safety, convenience, and rider experience for the Iso UNO-X electric motorcycle, which Giken said is a testament to innovation and Italian craftsmanship.

At its heart, the partnership is described as fusing Italian heritage, precision engineering and advanced technology to set a new standard in electric mobility. It is said to highlight Iso’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness, aligning with Giken Mobility’s aspiration to replace conventional petrol-powered scooters with electric alternatives.

The Iso UNO-X will start its journey on the roads of Hong Kong and Malaysia. Telenor IoT’s managed connectivity is regarded as being able to play an instrumental role in enhancing the Iso UNO-X’s capabilities, ensuring real-time data analysis while ensuring customer privacy and data security.

The partnership will introduce the Mio Iso application, integrating with the Iso UNO-X's connectivity to provide a new dimension of riding experience. Through Telenor IoT’s managed connectivity, riders will be able to access smart features, including battery health monitoring for safer journeys, remote vehicle management and diagnostics to optimise overall efficiency.

Giken Mobility believes that as the electric mobility revolution gains momentum, it needs to stand apart from competitors. “We recognised the potential for enhancing the value proposition of our electric motorcycles beyond the bike itself,” added Giken CEO Sydney Yeung. “Telenor IoT’s robust managed connectivity solution allowed us to realise features that were previously unimaginable, ultimately prioritising the safety, convenience, and reliability that our riders deserve.”

Telenor IoT said Giken Mobility’s decision to partner with the company was founded on the latter’s track record of working with automotive industry leaders and its presence in markets such as Thailand.

“Our collaboration with Giken Mobility marks a significant milestone in the evolution of electric mobility,” said Mats Lundquist, CEO of Telenor IoT. “We are proud to provide the connectivity backbone that drives the Iso UNO-X to new heights, setting a precedent for the future of electric motorcycles.”

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