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Sourcewell awards Avaya unified communications and contact centre contract

Leading purchasing consortium selects customer experience technology provider for unified communications and contact centre contract covering government, education and non-profit organisations

Delivering a massive boost to the customer experience and communications technology provider, Sourcewell – which claims to be the leading government cooperative purchasing organisation in North America – has awarded Avaya a cooperative purchasing contract in the unified communications and contact centre categories for Canada and North America.

Describing itself as a self-sustaining government organisation, Sourcewell boasts more than 40 years of dedicated service, aiming to help government, education and nonprofit agencies operate more efficiently through a variety of technological offerings.

The firm’s contracts are designed to capture the buying power of more than 50,000 government, education and nonprofit organisations, saving these organisations time and money in their acquisition process. It also manages more than 500 competitively solicited contracts to these entities.

In the new contract award, Avaya says it was the only major communications and collaboration service provider that can offer public, private or hybrid cloud at enterprise scale to customers.

It added that Sourcewell awarded the contract after a rigorous process of seeking contracts that meet, or exceed, local procurement requirements.

Avaya’s 48-month contract is open to US and Canadian customers, allowing the company to procure the full catalogue of Avaya products and services directly or via authorised Avaya partners. It is said to have been drawn to deliver immediate value to government, education and nonprofit organisations because the competitive solicitation is complete and ready to use, streamlining acquisition and allowing immediate delivery of Avaya’s preferred products and services.

Sourcewell supplier development administrator Jim Benson welcomed Avaya to its purchasing consortium in North America, and looked forward to working with the team. “Avaya offers a portfolio of solutions to make the jobs of those in government, education and non-profit organisations more efficient while saving them time and money,” he said.

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Avaya SLED vice-president Jenifer Bond added: “We are committed to facilitating seamless cloud migrations for our customers, fostering innovation without causing disruption, and eliminating the costly and prolonged ‘rip and replace’ methodology typically associated with updating their communication technology infrastructure.

“Securing a Sourcewell cooperative purchasing contract in the unified communications and contact centre categories amplifies our reach, enabling us to simplify the contractual process for an increased number of customers,” she said. “This development empowers them to transition their communications technology to the cloud at a pace and budget that aligns with their unique needs.”

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