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Top 10 artificial intelligence stories of 2022

Over the past few years, IT strategies have become more data-centric. We look at how this has played out in 2022, with AI deployments

This has been the year that IT leaders emerged from the previous two years of Covid-19 restrictions with a renewed sense of purpose. IT helped organisations get through the lockdowns. With ongoing supply chain issues, the war in Ukraine, fuel price hikes and economic turmoil, business leaders are once again turning to IT for help.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation have been the tools of choice for IT leaders as they look to support technology-enabled efficiency gains and help their organisations plot a path through these difficult trading conditions.

Given AI’s potential to improve business efficiency and discover hidden trends, the debate about whether to deploy this powerful technology is now shifting. The industry is shifting towards ethics, accountability and auditing of AI models, and governments are looking at ways to regulate the use of AI.

Here are Computer Weekly’s top 10 AI stories of 2022.

1. Gartner: Six key executive-CIO conversations to help AI succeed

The promise of artificial intelligence often fails to materialise in businesses, so how do you maximise your chance to succeed?

2. Parity AI talks about auditing recruitment algorithms for bias

Algorithmic auditing firm Parity speaks to Computer Weekly about the process of auditing artificial intelligence for bias, following its partnership with AI-powered recruitment platform Beamery.

3. Why some businesses are failing at AI

Deloitte’s ongoing research into artificial intelligence adoption has found that more than 20% of organisations are underachieving in their AI ambitions.

4. Why diversity in AI remains a challenge and how to fix it

With artificial intelligence set for a global economic explosion, its development must put diversity at its core to avoid discriminating systems.

5. A Computer Weekly buyer’s guide to AI, ML and RPA

Organisations are increasingly trusting artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process automation with their most integral processes. Computer Weekly looks at the evolution of productivity bots, the pros and cons of putting artificial intelligence and machine learning applications in the cloud, and the growing number of injustices involving algorithms and automated decision-making.

6. Siloed data holding back coordinated health responses

Digital health experts discuss the role of data in coordinating the NHS’s pandemic response and how managing privacy and governance issues are key to further success.

7. Five tips to help you deploy a successful AI initiative

Former H&M head of artificial intelligence, Errol Koolmeister, discusses an approach to delivering successful artificial intelligence projects.

8. AI accountability held back by ‘audit-washing’ practices

Algorithmic auditing will be useless in holding artificial intelligence accountable until there are common standards, approaches and goals that scrutinise systems at each stage of development and deployment.

9. Improving finance and accounting software with AI

Artificial intelligence algorithms and datasets have potential value across many areas in finance and accounting, but usage is not yet widespread.

10. AI will make you surplus to requirements

We live in an age where it is possible for someone, irrespective of their level of talent, to create an artistic masterpiece simply by keying a few descriptive words into an artificial intelligence art generator.



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