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Amdocs launches Americas 5G Experience Lab

Communications software and services provider opens up 5G Experience Lab to capitalise on a diverse mobile communications partner ecosystem to unlock new applications and services

Amdocs has announced the opening of its Americas 5G Experience Lab in Dallas, Texas. It says the development will allow it to unleash network innovation and enable creative organisations serving the connected society to come together and create innovative services by leveraging the power of next-generation mobile.

The communications software and services provider said the broader monetisation potential of 5G lies in the ability to take advantage of its capabilities in different ways. This includes onboarding partner applications, slicing the network for enterprises and application providers, and enabling software developers to reimagine the “one-size-fits-all” experiences that exist today.

The 5G Experience Lab is described as a sandbox where service providers, enterprises, Amdocs and its 5G edge applications can stretch the limits of connected experiences, unlocking new opportunities across industries. The 5G solutions and services are also designed to provide a platform for network access and capabilities “as-a-service,” ensuring ecosystem components from diverse partners are interoperable and scalable, and can be brought to market quickly and monetised effectively.

Enterprises can experiment in various areas, including private wireless networks, premium 5G services, cloud services, the future of work, Industry 4.0 and security. The lab embraces industry standards and organisations such as OpenRAN, Telecom Infrastructure Project, 3rd Generation Partnership Project and TM Forum.

In positioning the lab’s relevance for the markets it serves, Amdocs said its 5G solutions were consistently expanding to serve what the company calls the 5G Value Plane, ensuring communications service providers can innovate, launch, execute and monetise “amazing” new experiences for their customers. With an end-to-end, automated approach encompassing lifecycle management, service and network orchestration, data analytics, API exposure, policy and charging, the 5G Value Plane acts as a powerful and distributed “brain”, it said, allowing integration of business, IT, enterprises and partners across the network.

“The building blocks of our future society are more than just an advanced network – it’s the evolution of everything around the network that will drive innovation in a connected society,” said Anthony Goonetilleke, Amdocs group president of technology and head of strategy.

“With the launch of our 5G Experience Lab, we are creating a setting where industry-leading enterprises can work together to unlock a limitless number of amazing experiences and reimagine the future. Historically, the DFW Metroplex has been a rich contributor to the telecommunications industry and a source of technology innovation, and we are excited to continue that trend with our expanded investment in cutting-edge local capabilities.”

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