Three UK goes data-driven with Amdocs for personalised customer experience

Software and services provider to let UK-based operator migrate to a modern, cloud-based data architecture, enabling it to serve its customers contextual, timely recommendations and suggestions

Looking to play a key role in supporting the leading UK and Irish operator on its data-driven journey to delivering innovative customer experiences, Amdocs has announced a collaboration with Three UK to transform its data capabilities, enabling the UK-based operator to embed data-driven decision-making and provide its customers with a more personalised experience.

Under the deal, which also includes a multi-year managed services agreement, Three UK will make use of the Amdocs logical data model to build what it describes as a scalable, open and modular data platform, allowing it to collect, organise and store data for efficient consumption by all users and generate value from data quickly and easily.

By migrating to a modern, cloud-based data architecture, Amdocs Three UK will benefit from actionable, near-real-time data insights, giving it the ability to serve customers contextual, timely recommendations and suggestions while driving multiple other business use cases that require integrated and reliable data.

At the beginning of 2022, the operator promised to deliver better connectivity through a five-year, £2bn investment programme designed to transform its network and IT infrastructure, boosting 5G in particular.

As part of this programme, it also announced its latest IT and network update, further investing in 5G and adding 1,400MHz of spectrum to more than 1,900 4G sites, and further committed to boosting its offer to business users. As it continued its roll-out of 5G networks across the country, the operator said it expected 5G to reach up to 35% of data usage by the end of 2022.

The new partnership will see Amdocs creating a data-quality framework that captures, reports and improves data-quality metrics. The creation of a common, unified data model and the structuring of data in a subject-oriented, integrated manner will provide the foundation for self-service business intelligence initiatives, whereby users can access, explore and utilise data to drive operational and customer experience improvements.

“We are pleased to be expanding and strengthening our relationship with Amdocs as we look to harness the power of data for the benefit of our customers,” said Belinda Finch, chief information officer at Three UK. “This project will ensure that our data transformation keeps pace with our wider digital transformation journey.”

Anthony Goonetilleke, group president of technology and head of strategy at Amdocs, added: “Intelligent and timely data analysis is crucial for communications service providers around the world who are looking to provide their customers with tailored, personalised experiences.”

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