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MWC 2022: Huawei hones hybrid offer with fibre to the room

Aiming to address the new world of work, tech giant Huawei has launched a fibre-to-the-room gigabit all-optical room offering

Huawei has launched its fibre-to-the-room (FTTR) gigabit all-optical room service.

The company said that at present, new services such as online education, live broadcasting, 8K HD films and immersive entertainment, and the smart home are rapidly emerging, resulting in high-bandwidth and low-latency applications, such as video conferencing and cloud desktops, becoming popular. However, these new services pose higher requirements on network latency, bandwidth and jitter, bringing greater challenges to home networks.

The tech company suggested that home users were still facing problems caused by poor network experience, citing research indicating that 60% of broadband faults are caused by poor Wi-Fi experience and that the typical Wi-Fi coverage ratio of more than half of home users reaches only 55%.

Potential causes include outdated networking cable, meaning the bandwidth can reach only 100Mbps, and a lack of intelligent switching between devices. As a result, services are frequently interrupted when users move around.

Huawei’s FTTR gigabit all-optical room offering is a solution for both home and enterprise networking. Different from traditional networking services, it aims to extend fibres to every room.

Capable of achieving transmissions of 10Gbps or even 100Gbps, fibres can be deployed in the entire home and upgraded in the future, without the need of recabling.

With its four key advantages, said Huawei, fibre has become a “dark horse” in the communications industry, offering fast speed, low cost, easy reconstruction and the intrinsic nature of being environmentally friendly.

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In addition, Huawei sees three big opportunities for its home connectivity offer: smart living everywhere, fibre around the home and a modernised last mile network.

Huawei said its FTTR gigabit all-optical room service has already set off a boom in China. Chinese operators released FTTR services and launched packages in 65 provinces and cities in the country last year.

Up to now, the number of FTTR users in China has exceeded 150,000. In addition, 20 operators outside China have started pilot projects.

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