Gigabit Networks brings ‘futuristic’ broadband to Wolverhampton

Regional UK ISP adds to its growing reach across UK Midlands with 930Mpbs connectivity offer based on CityFibre infrastructure

After claiming to have successfully launched no less than a “digital revolution” in neighbouring Coventry and Derby, Gigabit Networks is bringing its ultra-high speed 930Mbps broadband service to Wolverhampton, claiming a marked improvement on the city’s current average speeds of 87Mbps.

Based in the city of Leicester, the regional provider has a mission to empower the Midlands with “faster, future-proofed, ultra-reliable internet connectivity”, and wants to bring more opportunities for growth, business, community and investment to the region. It argues that its service area has not yet experienced the endless possibilities that come with gigabit-capable PureFibre broadband as the cabling and infrastructure simply hasn’t existed.

The regional provider said that partnering with carrier-neutral wholesale full-fibre provider CityFibre has allowed it to improve local infrastructure and bridge the UK’s digital divide by giving the people of the Midlands the internet speeds and reliability they deserve.

The company also said that by rolling out near-gigabit broadband services it is satisfying demand. It cited recent research, which suggested that by 2023, the average UK household will have 50 smart devices online and competing for bandwidth, putting a strain on household broadband.

It added that in March 2021, the median average download speed of UK home broadband connections was a mere 50.4 Mbps, and that the roll-out will see residents and businesses in nine postcode areas in Wolverhampton making the most of this ultrafast technology to seamlessly stream HD TV, download large files, and participate in video calls more quickly and reliably than ever before.

“The turbulent nature of the past two years has proven the need for reliable internet connection and speed – we continue to seek entertainment, social connection and education online,” said Gigabit Networks co-founder David Yates.

“Now, the cost-of-living crisis is showing that people need more room to innovate and generate multiple streams of income – the best way to do this is through the internet. Wolverhampton is now in an exciting position where it can leverage these exclusive speeds to generate more opportunities for the city.”

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Adding further context to what the roll-out could achieve, the company offered the example of local resident Shiv Passap, who was one of the first to have the new service live in his home. “I recently had GigaFast Pro installed into my home in Wolverhampton,” he said.

“Since being connected, I have experienced exceptional performance in speed and reliability. As a homeworker, it is paramount that I can access data instantly, make landline calls away from home and stream effortlessly throughout the day – all of which is now possible and more with the help of Gigabit Networks.”

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