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Charge Analytics goes Soracom to connect advanced IoT monitoring and control

Internet-of-things solutions provider taps IoT connectivity firm to provide reliable cellular comms to simplify sending data to the cloud and support monitoring of environmental factors in highly regulated industries

Charge Analytics has selected Soracom to provide mission-critical cellular internet of things (IoT) connectivity, helping to meet its need to supply remote monitoring and control systems deployed in highly regulated industrial settings, such as construction, manufacturing, mining and chemical production.

Charge Analytics claims to provide cost-effective and reliable turnkey platforms that integrate smart cloud-connected diagnostic controllers, gateways and battery-powered sensor nodes. IoT technology delivers a system designed for a range of industrial applications. Such systems transmit real-time indoor and outdoor industrial plant data such as air quality, pressure, temperature, air flow, humidity and other metrics to secure cloud platforms for data logging and remote access, analysis and technical support.

“Continuous air quality monitoring is a mission-critical concern in many highly regulated industries, and reliable connectivity is necessary,” said Gerry Kaelin, director of business development at Charge Analytics. “It enables important plant data to be available remotely from the convenience of any device, anywhere.”

Reliable IoT connectivity is especially important to Charge Analytics given the fact that typical locations for its customers to monitor are often in remote areas. The ability for Charge Analytics to help customers deliver real-time expert technical assistance from any global location connectivity provides an essential advantage, helping to ensure compliance with environmental standards and maximise overall plant efficiencies.

These hazardous environments are also subject to strict regulations, with potential implications for compensation claims, lawsuits and regulatory action if air quality standards are not maintained.

Even in locations such as factories or power plants that may offer some Wi-Fi coverage, establishing connectivity and staying connected to those networks is not always possible and can create potential security risks.

Charge Analytics selected Soracom to provide reliable cellular connectivity that simplifies sending data to the cloud, no matter where monitoring is required. Another top priority for Charge Analytics was to maintain minimal upfront hardware costs and subscription fees while offering systems that are easy to install and operate, as well as having a basic robustness.

In the deployment, simplicity is said to have been paramount and the system needs to allow customers to quickly achieve both cost and time savings while improving safety and enhancing operational efficiencies. As well as offering multi-carrier plans priced specifically for low data volumes, Soracom also provided the ability for SIM cards to “hibernate” between testing and deployment, creating significant cost savings.

“Soracom worked closely with us to identify the connectivity features that best serve our needs and were key to us launching and scaling quickly,” said Ed Cline, Charge Analytics’ founder and technical director. “Its technical support has been exceptional.”

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