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Soracom teams with Orange Wholesale to grow global IoT connectivity services

Connectivity provider introduces service designed to make it fast and cost-efficient to deploy IoT products globally.

Advanced internet of things (IoT) connectivity company Soracom has entered into an agreement with Orange Wholesale France to expand its network for IoT connectivity around the world.

Founded in 2015, Soracom serves more than 20,000 startups, small and medium-sized businesses, and global enterprises across all industries, from agriculture, energy, construction and transportation to consumer electronics, manufacturing, real estate and healthcare.

The firm’s technology services are designed to offer connectivity that accelerates speed to market, makes it easy to connect to the cloud and offers access to a worldwide partner ecosystem.

Soracom has an expanding platform representing more than four million IoT connections around the world, ensuring reliable connectivity wherever customer devices are deployed.

This service not only applies to multiple redundant coverage layers wherever possible, but also coverage flexibility through support for eSIM, iSIM and UICC-compatible multi-IMSI offerings.

Boosting its mission to deliver a bundle of IoT connectivity and advanced network management capabilities, the partnership with Orange Wholesale France allows Soracom to tap into the infrastructure of not only the largest mobile network operator (MNO) in France, but also a leader in global IoT connectivity.

With more than 800 wholesale customers, Orange Wholesale France currently provides network infrastructure access to more than 1.2 million kilometres of civil transmission arteries, broadband network access (copper and fibre) reaching nearly 40 million homes and businesses – including 13 million on third-party networks – and mobile network access to all 2/3/4/5G mobile networks covering mainland France and French overseas territories, as well as more than 700 international roaming agreements worldwide.

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Orange also enables Soracom to offer advanced IoT connectivity to innovators as an extension of Orange’s existing roaming partnerships across more than 220 destinations and 700 network operators.

“From the very beginning, Soracom has focused on making advanced IoT connectivity accessible to any IoT innovator, anywhere in the world,” said Soracom CEO and co-founder Ken Tamagawa. “This partnership with Orange Wholesale France allows us to bring the capability of France’s largest MNO to Soracom customers around the world, helping them accelerate time to market.”

Orange Wholesale France CEO Bénédicte Javelot said: “We are delighted to support Soracom’s international IoT expansion. Orange Wholesale France’s value proposition is all about trusted premium IoT connectivity for leading IoT MVNOs [mobile virtual network operators]. This partnership with Soracom will bring innovation into the market and accelerate IoT growth on a large scale.”

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