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Salomon selects on-demand GreenLake to support flexible business

Sportswear business Salomon turns to HPE for flexible storage and computer infrastructure to run virtualised and containerised workloads

Outdoor sports equipment manufacturer Salomon has selected HPE GreenLake to enable it to meet growing business demands and to help it achieve sustainability targets.

Due to greater fluctuations in business demands that resulted from the impact of the pandemic, Salomon needed to scale up and down its technology environment to provide more resiliency, business flexibility, agility and cost efficiency. The company will be using HPE Synergy software-defined composable infrastructure and HPE Nimble Storage provided on-demand to improve cost management.

HPE and its business partner, Cheops Technology, designed a software-defined platform, delivered as a service through HPE GreenLake to meet Salomon’s increased demands for flexibility, resiliency and cost efficiency with pay-per-use billing.

According to HPE, GreenLake also provides Salomon with an agile platform for its developer community to use to accelerate new software development in a DevOps mode, and to enable Salomon to reduce the environmental impact of IT. This will help the company meet its sustainability goal to achieve a 30% reduction of carbon emissions by 2025. 

From a sustainability perspective, HPE said GreenLake has helped Salomon increase capacity utilisation and reduce the resources required for power and cooling, while also ensuring additional capacity is still available to support increased business demand. 

Eric Gauffre, IT infrastructure and services director of Amer Sports Corporation, the parent company of Salomon, said: “We believe innovative technologies have a critical role to play to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. Better capacity planning helps us to achieve greater long-term growth and allow us to adapt our business to the ever-changing environment.

“The new infrastructure allows us to transform our IT operations with a high-performing, sustainable technology environment that will bring even greater value to our customers through a more secured service level.”

The on-demand infrastructure is being used to support Salomon’s virtualised workloads, including Oracle database workloads. The company is also looking to support containerised applications on GreenLake.

The IT environment is automated and orchestrated by HPE OneView, which enables Salomon to scale up and down the compute and storage resources separately and as-needed to respond to the different peaks and demands for IT capacity.

The operations and management are handled by HPE InfoSight, which is offered on HPE Nimble Storage to deliver cloud-based artificial intelligence-driven operations to monitor, predict and prevent infrastructure problems before they occur.

Salomon was one of the organisations highlighted by HPE during its annual Discover 2021 conference. The company used the virtual event to showcase how it is bolstering GreenLake, and announced vertically optimised cloud services.

These vertically optimised cloud services – which can be deployed on-premise, at the edge or in colocation centres – cover workloads such as managing electronic medical records, financial payments, risk management, machine learning operations, SAP, Microsoft Azure Stack HCI and Microsoft SQL server, 5G Core for Telco and Splunk.

“Organisations know that to succeed in their industries, they must pursue a cloud everywhere mandate, which enables them to collect, analyse and act on data, wherever it resides,” said Antonio Neri, president and CEO at HPE.

“The HPE GreenLake edge to cloud platform empowers organisations to harness the power of all their data, regardless of location, and today’s announcements further extend HPE’s leadership in this hybrid cloud market. From silicon, software and security, to workloads that organisations rely on to run their businesses, HPE continues to extend the reach of the HPE GreenLake cloud platform.” 

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