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Extreme delivers secure access to virtual health services in Madrid

Madrid Digital Telehealth Network expands access to essential health services to 1.5 million citizens, ensuring the safety of patients and staff

The Community of Madrid’s Agency for Digital Administration (Madrid Digital) has deployed Extreme wireless networking solutions to connect hospitals, nursing homes, mental health and occupational therapy centres with their patients in the Madrid region of Spain.

Madrid Digital provides advanced modern patient care for 1.5 million citizens in its area of operation, and sees the future of healthcare and social services as digital.

To achieve this aim, the company has invested in a clinical-grade, high-density Wi-Fi solution to provide seamless, secure telehealth services, by supporting nearly 17,000 healthcare and administrative staff working across 30 distributed locations.

The staff rely on the new network to access electronic medical records (EMR), securely communicate with colleagues and patients via telehealth services, and collect data from connected medical devices such as blood pressure monitors and electrocardiograms to provide patients with the best possible care.

With a secure, high-performance network in place, Madrid Digital can provide the 1.5 million citizens with access to virtual health and social services, including remote video consultations – providing modern, digital healthcare and protecting staff and patients from the risk of contagion.

The company sees that among the key benefits of the new network are clinical-grade Wi-Fi connectivity across 30 locations, high-performance and high availability and advanced insights and analytics.

Using ExtremeSwitching technology and high-density ExtremeWireless access points, the new, clinical-grade Wi-Fi network is said to provide Madrid Digital staff and administration with secure, high-performance connectivity at every health and social service site so they can remain focused on patient needs.

The high-density Wi-Fi solution – claimed to be proven to deliver uncompromising performance in the most demanding environments – allows Madrid Digital to support real-time voice, video and data applications that are regarded as critical to the success of its digital health initiative without interruption.

Additionally, centralised network management provides efficiencies for Madrid Digital, both in terms of time spent managing the network as well as any costs associated with outsourcing the acquisition and management of servers. The technology also provides Madrid Digital with a centralised and efficient tool to manage its distributed access points from a single location.

Extreme’s wireless network analytics and visibility application gives Madrid Digital the ability to access and leverage vast amounts of network usage data and turn it into actionable insights to optimise network performance and the user experience.

“This strategic project is clearly illustrative of the advanced digital transformation strategy that Madrid Digital has been promoting for the social-healthcare environment, and we are thrilled to partner with Extreme Networks to make this vision a reality,” said Madrid Digital Project manager and systems engineer, Carlos Alonso Sanz.

“The project has managed to meet all of its objectives and has paved the way for the implementation of subsequent infrastructures, as well as the creation of new applications to respond to growing demand for digital service delivery among citizens and social healthcare professionals.”

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