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Tata Communications unveils new secure digital experience

Global digital ecosystem enabler Tata aims to allow businesses to adapt to the realities of enterprise transformation, workforce mobility and consumer experience in the new digital-first environment

In what the company believes is a proposition for enterprises to rebuild and adapt their organisations for a post-Covid world and survive the disruption to everyday business life, Tata Communications has unveiled the Secure Connected Digital Experience (SCDx) programme.

Explaining the context for the programme, Tata said that with many countries now emerging cautiously from lockdown, businesses are looking to redesign and restructure their operations for a transformed landscape.

SCDx is intended to meet this growing, worldwide demand for new ways of operating, which includes far higher levels of working from home, rising security risks, a shift to digital commerce and more contactless experiences for employees, customers and supply chain partners.

Tata is confident that the programme will help companies currently relying on short-term fixes, such as consumer-grade applications or employees’ home broadband connections, by providing holistic, secure, enterprise-level digital solutions that address current challenges and are fit for the long term.

SCDx consists of three offerings: Tata Communications Secure Connected Digital Workplace; Tata Communications Digital Customer Experience Platform; and a supply chain ecosystem.

Tata Communications Secure Connected Digital Workplace is designed to enable enterprise employees, typically working from the office as well as those working in the field, to work seamlessly and securely from anywhere through industrialised, scalable and high-performance remote workplace solutions for complete workplace readiness.

Tata Communications Digital Customer Experience Platform aims to recreate the in-store experience online for business-to-consumer (B2C) companies, with the next generation of enterprise commerce and video collaboration solutions for superior digital customer engagement.

As supply chains become increasingly digital and transparent, Tata said that SCDx can enable the supply chain ecosystem with secure access to enterprise core applications and significantly improved performance for third parties.

“Covid-19 is acting as a catalyst and accelerator of business transformation,” said Tata Communications managing director and CEO, A S Lakshminarayanan.

“In recent months, millions of employees have experienced working from home, consumers have embraced digital shopping and delivery, and businesses have adapted to doing more virtually. These changes have created a new reality and we are not going back to how things were done before.

“As enterprises shift from focusing on business continuity to business recovery and growth, they urgently need to rethink their digital strategies and transform themselves to prosper in this digital-first ecosystem.

“With Secure Connected Digital Experience, our goal is to enable enterprises to adopt new digital working models, accelerate their time to market and drive agility and resilience, giving them the tools to innovate, invent and redefine their employee, customer and supply chain experience.”

Within the offering, Tata Communications will provide a range of services to enterprises looking to enhance and safeguard the employee experience. It will provide what it calls secure and high-performance, zero-trust network access (ZTNA) through a partnership with subsidiary NetFoundry.

The zero-trust solution is claimed to provide employees secure access to applications and data in the cloud with three to 10 times performance acceleration. This, it said, is vital for companies that want to digitally transform and embrace higher levels of remote working, but need confidence that employees can access documents and apps securely and with an enterprise-grade experience, even on their home broadband connection.

Tata assures that the Connected Digital Workplace solution will also offer enterprise-grade collaboration and security solutions, ensuring that dispersed teams can collaborate without compromise, with seamless features such as video, voice and messaging, as well as secure access to applications behind enterprise firewalls to boost innovation, productivity and efficiency.

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