Tata teams with Genesys to boost enterprise engagement with enhanced InstaCC Platform

Global digital ecosystem enabler partners with cloud-based customer experience orchestration to further transform customer engagement across platforms ranging from social to mobile

Tata Communications has entered into a partnership with Genesys to enhance its InstaCC platform with digital features to transform enterprise customer engagement.

The two firms said the increased adoption of cloud, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) is bringing intelligent and efficient customer enterprise interactions, noting Gartner projections that by 2031, conversational AI chatbots and virtual assistants will handle 30% of interactions that would have otherwise been handled by a human agent, up from 2% in 2022.

The collaboration between global digital ecosystem enabler Tata Communications and cloud-based customer experience (CX) orchestration system provider Genesys aims to provide an enhanced CX capability for the InstaCC omnichannel Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) platform and strengthen Tata’s position as a global end-to-end digital CX orchestrator. It is also intended to stitch a secure, connected digital fabric that allows global enterprises and users to connect across varied channels ranging from social media to web browsers to mobile applications and company websites.

As part of its global CCaaS strategy, Tata’s platform is also designed to enable businesses to seamlessly grow beyond geographies adhering to international regulatory compliance.

The partnership is designed to enable enterprises to harness the power of cloud, digital and AI technologies for proactive, predictive and personalised customer engagement through Genesys Cloud CX, an all-in-one, composable CCaaS and employee experience offering.

The enhanced Tata Communications InstaCC platform in partnership with Genesys is equipped with tools that the two companies are confident will boost the productivity of contact centre agents such as workforce management services, call recording and knowledge-based integration of interactions.

“Customer excellence and customer delight are critical growth factors for global enterprises in today’s ultra-competitive and hyperconnected business environment,” said Mysore Madhusudhan, executive vice-president of collaboration and connected solutions at Tata Communications. “Together with Genesys and our combined expertise over decades in the contact centre market, we are now redefining global customer engagement, bringing personalised and intelligent ways for enterprises to interact and engage with their users.”

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ML Maco, executive vice-president of global sales and field operations at Genesys, said: “In the experience economy, building trust and loyalty requires organisations to transform into digital engagement powerhouses so they deliver effortless, connected experiences across all the channels consumers use today.

“Our partnership with Tata Communications is grounded in our shared vision to enable global enterprises with cloud-first and AI-enabled solutions that allow them to orchestrate people-centred customer and employee experiences at scale.”

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