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Organisations are ready to adopt DevOps to power digital transformation

Companies across Europe are increasingly turning to DevOps to help them adapt their software processes to support new customer-centric business uses

Large and small organisations across Europe have shown a significant interest in implementing a DevOps approach to deliver application improvements and create new applications.

A Vanson Bourne study for Claranet, based on interviews with 750 senior IT and digital decision-makers in Europe, reported that 63% plan to introduce DevOps in the next few years.

The findings, published in Claranet’s Beyond digital transformation paper, suggest that a change of process will be increasingly important as the software revolution gathers pace.

The study reported that 38% of the decision-makers surveyed said digital improvements enable their businesses to reassess how they serve their customers, using technology to improve customer experience and back-end operations.

However, 34% said increasingly complex systems have led to system fragmentation, making them harder to manage and control costs, customers and employees.

One in 10 European businesses said applications and infrastructure are ready to support greater stability, reliability and responsiveness. But Claranet’s research found that most are still constrained by fragmented systems and disparate datasets, simply being unable to access data efficiently in order to generate actionable insights.

The research also found that IT teams are spending more than 50% of their time fixing and maintaining, while 80% want more opportunity to innovate and experiment.

According to Claranet, the political and economic uncertainty caused by Brexit has exacerbated an already challenging IT environment in the UK. Specifically, IT and digital leaders said they are concerned about accessing the skills they require.

In fact, 38% of UK participants said a skills shortage is one of their biggest challenges, compared with the European average of 25% and just 13% in France.

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The UK also accounted for one of the largest numbers of respondents agreeing that their IT systems are fragmented – 39%, second only to Portugal. Nevertheless, UK businesses seem to be more outward-looking than many of their continental counterparts, said Claranet.

The Beyond digital transformation paper reported that 52% of British IT leaders believe that transferring various processes and operations to service providers frees up the space and resources they need to push on with digital improvement.

Michel Robert, UK managing director at Claranet, said: “There is a clear desire among IT leaders to engage with a DevOps service delivery methodology more readily. Seizing and maintaining competitive advantage requires companies to be ambitious, adaptable and open to fresh approaches.”

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