Well-educated men on circa £39,040 are most fulfilled IT sector workers

Randstad profiles UK IT professionals to investigate who is most fulfilled in their jobs and why

Well-educated, ambitious men, on an average of £39,040 are the most fulfilled workers in the UK technology sector, according to research from Randstad Technologies.

Through its Fulfilment@Work research, the company analysed characteristics and views of more than 2,000 UK workers with the aim of profiling the most fulfilled staff and understanding what makes them professionally fulfilled.

According to the results, one fifth (18%) of UK IT workers described themselves as fulfilled. The research revealed the profile of a fulfilled IT worker is a well-educated to a degree level male, who earns £39,040 a year, is confident with a positive personality, highly determined and will continue with something until a successful result is achieved.

Mike Beresford, managing director of Randstad Technologies, said: “As the digital world continues to expand, making the IT sector one of the UK’s most thriving industries, it’s easy to see why IT workers have come out strong in terms of fulfilment.

“It’s a growing industry and attracts determined, go-getters who strive to be pioneers. Clearly, not all IT workers in the UK can be well educated, ambitious men. But you don’t have to fit the typical profile of a fulfilled IT worker to reach your full potential and feel more fulfilled in your career.”

The research also made a profile of the average IT worker in the UK and how it compares to the most fulfilled. This IT professional is mostly likely to earn £39,000 per year, be male, confident, optimistic and believe that the individual holds the key to achieving potential.

Beresford added: “Our research has shown that the majority of UK professionals who describe themselves as fulfilled feel the key to achieving it is firmly in their own hands. It’s up to us to determine how engaged we are in our day-to-day work.”

“Naturally, employers play their part, but adaptability in employees is key as is the ability to remain positive in challenging situations. Passion is an essential ingredient to a successful career and the desire to proactively make changes to boost our fulfilment.” 

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Randstad’s research also explored other industry sectors, identifying the construction, property and engineering sector as the area with the most fulfilled workers. A total of 34% of those working in this sector said they are very fulfilled in their jobs – more than twice the UK average of 16% (see image 1).

Technology professionals working in telecoms are less fulfilled (7%) than their peers in the IT sector (18%).

“We know technology staff receive some of the highest salaries compared to other sectors in the UK, but the results also show the importance of ambition and determination when it comes to professional fulfilment," added Beresford.

“Many of those who work in the technology sector are self-starters with a strong sense of personal responsibility, who can adapt quickly to suit the changing demands of a tech career.”

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