Only 5% of Brits think IT is a fulfilling career choice

British public turn noses up at career in IT and tech finds Randstad Technologies survey

Just 5% of the British public view a career in IT and technology as fulfilling, a survey by recruitment firm Randstad Technologies has found.

The health and care industry is considered the most fulfilling at 23%, according to the Randstad's 2014 Fulfilment at Work Report.

Art, entertainment and publishing came in second place at 12%. Tobacco came last with 0% of the public viewing the industry as fulfilling.

However, when asked which job would have the highest satisfaction, most IT and technology employees (14%) chose their own industry.

Mike Beresford, managing director of Randstad Technologies, said: “The IT and technology sector has yet to shake the stereotype of being an unfulfilling sector to work in. But workers on the inside of the profession know IT is constantly throwing up new challenges and opportunities for professionals in the trade. It is, after all, one of the fastest evolving industries of the 21st century.

“Technology employees are constantly extending their skillset to adapt to new innovations, and much of their work involves problem solving, rather than simply tapping away on a keyboard. As technology invades all aspects of life, what was once seen as a backroom career is coming to the forefront of business," 

"IT workers have an incredible impact on our day-to-day life, liaising with and learning from all sorts of professions – it is an incredibly varied career. And the industry is booming, with project managers, developers and intelligence and data specialists particularly sought after.”

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British employees said they would work in the same industry for an average of almost 14 years before feeling professionally unfulfilled. However, IT professionals said they could last 17 years – a figure which was the longest tenure of all industries surveyed.

IT and technology employees said they would work for the same employer for 15 and a half years before feeling unfulfilled, with the UK average coming out at only around 12 years. Social workers said seven and a half years and those in education said 12 and a half years.

“Professionals working in the IT and technology sector say they could work for the same employer for almost 16 years before becoming less fulfilled. I think that’s a credit to the industry and to its employers. 

"It also chimes with our experience. It’s no coincidence that technology firms have a reputation for creating fun and innovative company cultures, and that IT workers feel they could stay longer in a role without getting restless,” said Beresford.

“A great office atmosphere is often complemented by excellent prospects for progression. We often help job seekers enter a firm in one role and see them rapidly progress through the ranks and into new areas. This is a dynamic industry with exceptional talent management and strategic human resources planning, meaning that companies work hard to retain, reward and develop successful employees.”

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