UK recession benefits IT industry

A fifth of IT staff believe the UK recession has had a positive impact on the IT industry, according to Randstad Technologies

A fifth of IT staff believe the UK recession has had a positive impact on the IT industry, according to research from Randstad Technologies.

A recent survey by the recruiter found that the economic slump had led to positive changes in business, in terms of cost reduction and efficiency.

But while 19% of IT professionals feel the recession has had a positive effect on their industry, only 16% of other UK workers think the same.

According to Mike Beresford, managing director of Randstad Technologies, cutbacks made during the recession led to an increased workload for individuals, which in turn has improved their career prospects.

“The recession forced many companies to look at where costs could be saved, processes could be streamlined and teams could be managed more effectively," he said. 

"Trimming the fat may have meant increased workloads and targets for those left behind, but these changes have helped staff get used to working in a leaner environment, giving them better experience and a more honed skillset than they might have developed had more staff been around to share the workload," Beresford added.

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However, 57% of those surveyed said changes could have been handled more successfully during economic hardship, and 45% claimed more changes were needed to further improve the industry.

“The IT and technology sector is one of the most dynamic and fast-moving industries on the planet. Technology is constantly reshaping the way companies do business and this was even more prevalent over the course of the downturn,” said Beresford,

“As a result, tech staff are far more used to handling change than many other industries, and it’s extremely encouraging to see that so many employees are keen for further change to be implemented for the sector to continue striding forward.”

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