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Digital spending growing despite geo political landscape

It might be tempting to think that given all the economic and political issues of the year so far customers might have slowed down digital spending, but the reverse seems to be the case

With all of the uncertainty around thanks to Brexit, a minority government in the UK and the global influence of Mr Trump it might be easy for customers to pause digital innovation projects.

The evidence from customers appears to be that the opposite is happening and customers keen to be masters of their own destiny are speeding up their investments in digital technology.

The Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO survey found that digital innovation was on the rise even with all of the political and economic upheaval.

The survey found that despite 64% of CIOs adapting their tech strategy because of the economic and political environment 89% were planning to do so by ramping up their investment in innovation.

“Layered on top of astonishing advances in technology is a political and economic landscape that is dynamic and changing fast, sometimes in surprising ways. However, what is very clear is that many technology executives are turning this uncertainty into opportunity, driving their organization to become more nimble and digital," said Albert Ellis, CEO of Harvey Nash Group.

"CIOs are becoming increasingly influential as CEOs and boards turn to them for help in navigating through the complexity, and the threat and opportunity, which a digital world presents," he added.

The message for the channel is encouraging and if the survey is on the mark then now is not the time to shy away from pitching tech solutions.

“With this political and economic turmoil still well and truly in full swing, a common knee-jerk reaction can be to embrace an austere approach to technology adoption, in order to save on costs and consolidate the company’s position in the market. However, what this report shows is that the opposite may well be the best course of action," said Michel Robert, UK managing director at Claranet.

“Regardless of the economic and political climate, the priority for any business leader should be working out how best to get ahead of their competitors," he added "Technology has always been an effective way of doing this, and can be done in a way that won’t bankrupt a cash-strapped organisation, providing CIOs plan their approaches meticulously.”

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