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Cost benefits of print management need to be sold to finance

Print management was always sold as a way of helping customers control costs and that pitch is as relevant now as it has ever been

One of the key selling points of print management was always the financial savings it would offer customers and helping users keep an eye on print costs is still a very relevant point that needs to be made by resellers according to some of the players in this area.

With lines of business becoming more influential in purchasing decisions the savings delivered by print management need to be pitched squarely at the finance department.

“For finance teams, any change of process that can free up budget without compromising the smooth running of the business is worth pursuing," said Nick Parkes, regional sales manager at Y Soft.

"An effective print workflow management system can be of great assistance in this regard, by enabling finance teams to accurately budget for the organisation’s ongoing print requirements. If the solution is packaged with a reporting module, finance staff can identify high-volume users and departments, and pinpoint potential cost-saving initiatives," he added.

Finance departments also have the chance to demand that they pay on a subscription basis without contracts that lock them into paying on a long-term basis.

Despite the long heralded prospect of the 'paperless office' most offices continue to print documents and Annodata has been working with the public sector to help control costs.

The print management specialist recently secured a place on the Central Buying Consortium framework for the supply of multifunctional devices and document solutions and managed print services.

"When we consider that the printed page is still an integral part of the day-to-day functions of public sector organisations, it’s vital that these companies are able to procure the most suitable solutions and products so they can achieve the visibility, transparency and control needed to boost their overall efficiency," said Rod Tonna-Barthet, CEO of Annodata.

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