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More competencies coming at HPE partner event

Next month's HPE partner event in the US is going to be the venue for partners to hear about the next wave of competencies that resellers can sign up for

Next month's HPE global partner conference will be the venue for the vendor to introduce the next set of competencies it hopes partners will sign up for.

The vendor has been moving more towards using competencies as a way of helping resellers identify themselves as specialists in certain areas and rolled out the first few at its Global Partner Conference last September.

The vendor revealed that it would eventually reach a total of 11 competencies but was staggering the launch of those to give partners time to sign up for the programmes.

Simon Ewington, vice president of EG channel sales EMEA at HPE, said that it was using competencies to try and help partners grow.

"We have tried to better enable partners both to resell the technology today but we are also trying to enable them for the future to drive growth through our competence adoption," he added "We want to take our partners on a journey and we want them to be relevant in the future. This means they need to drive and deliver value driven outcomes and to do that we have introduced our competence model."

"The competence model is essentially about giving reseller's customers the confidence that partners can deliver around certain solution areas," he said.

The initial solution areas that were focused on in the UK included backup and recovery, SAP Hanna and desktop virtualisation infrastructure. Partners were given access to reference architecture that HPE provided which would help them generate case studies that would prove they had the competence in certain areas.

"At the partner conference [next month] we will be announcing the next wave of competencies and we will be moving from a pilot, which we have been driving in EMEA and will move to a full roll out of a broader set of competencies," he added "This is one of the ways we differentiate ourselves in the market because we are not worried about just trying to maximise the core business we have today but are also looking to ensure the evolution of our partners and making sure they remain relevant in the future."

Ewington said that the response so far to the competencies had been positive because partners liked the concept and the ability to differentiate in the market. HPE has made competencies available to all partners from business, silver, gold and platinum.

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