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Digital transformation dominates Dell EMC World

Keynotes, product launches and seminars at Dell EMC World are all dealing with the challenges posed by digital transformation

A raft of announcements have started to come out of the Dell EMC World shindig in Las Vegas with 'digital transformation' being the theme of the moment for the hardware giant.

Weaving its way through a series of product launches the idea that the vendor is positioning itself as the supplier of choice for those users looking to transform their businesses has been the main message.

“The digital transformation mega trend will only intensify, reinforcing the need to start the IT transformation journey now,” said David Goulden, president, Dell EMC.

Dell EMC is the ideal partner to help customers take this first step. The creation of Dell EMC has rapidly accelerated our ability to develop and deliver technologies that will underpin the next wave of innovation and progress for our customers," he added.

The vendor has stated that one of the major problems that customers are struggling to deal with is the inability of their legacy infrastructure to meet emerging digital needs.

The answer to that problem might include spending some money on the latest PowerEdge servers, all-flash storage systems, hyper-convered infrastructure or open networking products that have all been announced on the first day of Dell EMC World.

The firm also revealed that it might be giving the PC business a boost with a pay-as-you-go options for the hardware later this year.

Michael Dell, CEO and founder of the vendor, used his keynote slot to repeat that combining Dell and EMC had been a smart move and also moved to position itself as a digital transformation specialist.

“Making digital transformation happen, making it real, that’s why we created Dell Technologies, combining innovations from Dell EMC, Pivotal, RSA, Secureworks, Virtustream and VMware. This allows us to innovate like a startup with the scale of a global powerhouse," he said.

He echoed many others in the industry who feel that we are all at the start of the fourth industrial revolution and customers are facing real challenges to make sure they can survive the changes.

"We are at the beginning of an innovation explosion. CEO’s want their companies to become technology companies. You’re competing with startups who are more sophisticated at injecting new products into their platform. You need an IoT strategy, a cloud strategy and a workforce strategy. As well as security, that’s the highest priority of all," he said.

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