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Oracle calls on channel to skill up and go for the base

Oracle's shift to the cloud is creating an opportunity for the channel to move existing customers away from on-premise to a public platform

Oracle is banging the drum loudly over its public cloud offering and needs to get more resellers in a position to sell the technology to customers.

Recent Q3 results from the vendor indicated just how much the cloud side of the business is growing for the firm and it is pushing hard to establish itself as a public cloud player.

The vendor is hoping its channel partners can get into a position to exploit the shift towards the cloud but there are some concerns that more will need to get trained up to be in a position to do so.

Making sure that more resellers are enabled is the current aim of Simon Hill, head of UK & Ireland Alliances and Channels for Oracle, who is trying to get partners to focus on existing customers that are looking for support transforming their businesses.

"The opportunity now for Oracle and for partners is all about the base," he added "We have this cloud portfolio now that we have taken ten years to get ready and you look at the market opportunity out there, globally only 7% of workloads are in the cloud, there is a massive opportunity in the Oracle base for our partners."

"We are looking to leverage that opportunity through our partners and really take all of the product portfolio, both on-site and on-premise and take it to the cloud. That represents a huge opportunity for our partner community," he added.

To make sure more partners are able to provide their customers with the cloud leadership that an increasing number of users are looking for the vendor is providing more encouragement and guidance to its channel.

"I see a massive opportunity around more partners in the Oracle ecosystem to enable themselves to biuld a business around our public cloud," he added "our focus is to get more partners enabled."

"What we are really trying to do from a partnering and alliance and channels perspective is to enable more partners to take advantage of those customers that are now have that latent demand [for cloud services]," he added.

One of the concerns that the channel has wrestled with in the past is the idea that pushing a customer towards the public cloud will undermine the relationship between user and reseller. But Hill said that far from losing out on a relationship the potential was much greater.

"I am telling partners now that the services opportunity around cloud is actually bigger than it has been from an on-premise perspective. But they need to be their from the outset and they need to understand what their value proposition is and how they build out that service," he said.

He said that the services just to get a customer to the cloud were far more than they would have been for a run and maintain on-premise operation.

"Once you get them to public cloud status then effectively you are in control of that customer and you have the  annuity stream and you own the renewal, the user cases and it is all about land and expand," he said.

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