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CompTIA extends security certification coverage

CompTIA is extending the security skills it hopes that the industry will develop

CompTIA has been doing its bit to drive up standards in some of the key areas that the channel should be making money, including the cloud and security.

Over the course of last year the industry organisation rolled out its Channel Standards, which started with IT solution provider and then extended to cover managed services, managed print services, cyber securuty and cloud computing.

The organisation has now emphasised the need for security skills even further with the launch of the Cybersecurity Analyst certification CSA+, which goes beyond just focusing on the technical side of things and includes using behavioural analytics.

The idea of the certification is to tap into the growing need for cyber skills that go beyond just the traditional product focused approach to try and detect threats across the network before they become too serious.

"We are starting to see technological developments such as the Internet of Things come to the forefront of the business and social landscape. As these technologies continue to grow and develop, so too does the threats to networks and devices, as hackers find new avenues to attack and access personal information," said Graham Hunter, vp certifications, Europe and Middle East at CompTIA.

"To combat these new threats, it’s vital that we are training the next generation of IT and security professionals on how to keep the public and organisations secure. CSA+ certification provides the platform that IT professionals need for learning and developing new skills - so that they have all the critical information and tools to keep up with emerging technologies," he added.

CompTIA has found that security analyst roles are very much in demand and one of five occupational groups in the cyber workforce make up three quarters of all the jobs that are posted in the industry.

“Everybody in technology should have this CSA+.  It should be mandatory if you’re going to stay in IT over the coming decade," said Jim Lucari, senior manager of certification at HP Enterprise.

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