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Users turning to the channel for help with video surveillance investments

IT and security resellers are the most likely to be approached by customers looking for guidance with video surveillance technology

Video surveillance technology is becoming more of a necessity for small business owners as they look to protect their premises and replace analog cameras with digital alternatives.

The shift away from aging cameras to better technology that will provide images that can be used in court has been going on for a few years along with the movement by the channel to get involved with the market.

As the cameras have become networked and physical security tied in with cyber protection moves the video surveillance market has become a serious proposition for the channel.

The channel is in a strong position because according to research from Axis Communications a local reseller is likely to be the first port of call for a customer.

The firm found that 75% of small business owners would turn to IT and security resellers as their preferred route to get hold of network cameras.

The timing is also in the channel's favor because Axis is expecting activity in the market to increase significantly as customers try to improve their security.

Market drivers

There are several things that small customers are looking for from an investment in video surveillance technology, according to the Axis Communications research:

High quality
Remote monitoring
Cost effectiveness
Strong support service

“Small business owners are becoming increasingly aware of the leap in technology that powers CCTV and network cameras. At the same time, however, there is a need for guidance, as they lack the resources and insights that would be provided by a dedicated security expert or IT Manager in a larger organisation. This presents an opportunity for resellers, particularly IT resellers, who have been in the business of providing advice to this audience for years," said Yasin Miah, small business account manager at Axis Communications.

“When we asked small business owners about their preferred method of purchase it became clear that video surveillance was considered to be more than just a single, security device but something that could now form part of their broader IT infrastructure," she added.

"Clearly, there is an opportunity for all IT and security resellers, including those that had not previously offered network camera as part of their IT offering. 66% of respondents also cited an online search as a preferred route, showing the value of e-commerce platforms that many resellers run in parallel to their business," he added.

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