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Clearswift snapped up by Swiss outfit

Security specialist Clearswift has been acquired by a Swiss firm looking to expand its reach in the UK

Theale-based cyber security specialist Clearswift has been acquired by Swiss player RUAG with the strength of the firm's channel network seen as one of the major positives for the new owners.

The deal means that Clearswift's products will fall under the RUAG Defence cyber security business unit, which will be headed by Dietmar Thelen, from the start of next year.

The Swiss firm had wanted to expand its footprint and bolster the security business and with the Clearswift acquisition gets a firm with around £23m in revenues and 140 staff that has a solid reputation for data loss prevention and a well developed UK channel.

"Clearswift’s global partner network and customer base in conjunction with its analyst-recognised solutions will play a key role in the growth of the RUAG Defence cyber security business unit," stated Dr. Markus A. Zoller, CEO of the RUAG Defence division.

“We are aiming to become a principal solution and service provider for organisations of all sizes and across all verticals, including local and national government organisations, financial institutions and critical infrastructure providers," he added “By combining our expertise in network defence with Clearswift’s data loss prevention and gateway solutions we will further boost our efforts to make RUAG Defence one of the leading cyber security specialists."

Clearswift CEO Heath Davies said that the deal should give it a chance to drive more innovation and being part of RUAG meant that it could deliver more of a solution for resellers.

Back in September RUAG revealed that it was ploughing millions of Swiss francs into the security division to make sure it was in a strong position for 2017.

The 18 year old firm, which has a core business in areospace and defence, has offices across Switzerland, Germany, Austria, hungary, Sweden and in the US and has been selling into the UK.

The price the Swiss firm paid is being kept confidential and the deal is expected to close after regulatory approval has been given in Q1.

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