Nadella recognises partners for their efforts this year

Microsoft's CEO has used a call with shareholders to recognise the solid year that partners have helped the firm deliver in 2016

It is always good to get recognition for hard work and Microsoft's CEO has used one of the last set piece engagements of this year talking to shareholders to praise the role the channel has played this year.

Satya Nadella's look back over 2016 with the annual shareholders meeting saw him talk up the impact of the changes that have been ushered in with his leadership, with the firm focusing on cloud, personal computing and business productivity.

"This last year has been a year of solid progress at Microsoft as well as with our customers and partners," he told shareholders, "perhaps, what is most unique about our mission is our focus on our customers and our partners’ success and what they can do by building on our technology."

nadella said that the firm had seen a solid year of progress with products like Office 365 and its cloud platform enjoying growth but it would continue to have an open door to recieve ideas from its channel base.

"We will continue to embrace the growth mindset and listen to learn from each other, from our customers, our partners, from the world in which we operate and to make Microsoft the place where everyone can do their best work," he said.

Chiming in with the biggest trend in the industry Nadella also had some words to share about digital transformation, which represents one of the most significant opportunities for partners in 2017.

"As I travel and talk to customers, one of the most profound changes that’s happening in the world today is that every organization is becoming a digital organisation," he added "Our role is to ensure that the data is not just an exhaust, but is converted into actionable helpful insights and intelligence, as computing becomes more ubiquitous converting data into ambient intelligence that can fuel digital transformation is at the very core of our innovation agenda."

Nadella touched on its most recent OS release and said that the focus on security had helped increase enterprise sales threefold in the last six months and overall there were now, "more than 400m monthly active devices on Windows 10".

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